Learn how to conserve energy, recycle responsibly, and reduce waste in your salons. Get certified as a Green salon and see a surge of earth-minded clientele. Find out how to appeal to customers who are looking for organic, vegan, and ethical products, which enhance beauty and wellness. Save money while engaging in earth-conserving practices. Discover new ways to recycle plastic and repurpose hair clippings. Learn about donating hair for cancer patients.
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After you register with us to become a green salon, a team of Go Green Salon educators will visit your salon. You will receive invaluable feedback on your operations and how to make them more eco-friendly. Then, you will be able to follow our online module of six lessons on green salon practices. A mini-test will evaluate your understanding of the concept and practices. At the end of the process, you will be awarded certification as a green salon.

Lesson One

Recycling Waste

It is very important for all of the world to be conscious of the importance of the Environment and how we recycle. Research has shown that in Europe we are still not working to maintain an environment to be sustainable for the long term future.

As educators and part of civilization it is our duty and responsibility to do our best to reuse and recycling everyday waste. This will ensure a sustainable lifestyle, by reusing and putting back into the community.

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Lesson Two

Recycling Electrical Items and Plastic

It is very worrying about the effect we are having on our planet in regard to all the waste we create in the world.

It is therefore vital we all have a much greater understanding of how we can improve this.

With in this lesson you will be able to have a far greater understanding on the recycleable items we use everyday and how we may also look at recycling other recycable items to work towards a greener future.

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Lesson Three

Reducing consumption (energy, products, paper, etc.)

The environment is necessary for our civilization and must be preserved in order not to mortgage our future; Science has shown that the uses and customs of today would lead to a problem of very difficult solution. Until recently, the company and the environment were confronted. This perspective has begun to change since the introduction of the concept of “sustainable development”.

Both company and environment are bound to understand each other, and this understanding goes through what we now call “eco efficiency” (reduction of the environmental impact in relation to the volume of production obtained). In order to achieve sustainability, we must respect the environment and not demand more raw materials than it can offer, that is why reducing consumption is sustainable but also helps to get benefits from saving, so it is a win-win situation.

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Lesson Four

Eco furniture

In the last few years there has been a notable increase in the amount of attention for eco-friendly furniture in general. Large international companies like IKEA whose primary income is generated through the sale of furniture allocate an increasing part of their efforts towards eco-friendly furniture. You can say that the choice of materials is now an essential part of the palate of choice of the modern consumer.

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Lesson Five

Encouraging carbon-reducing Journeys to work

Carbon footprint is having a significance effect on the environment. Everyone should be concerned about climate change. Carbon foot print is the amount of greenhouse gas emissions which is mainly carbon dioxide. As a society we measure the amount we produce as an individual, Industry country and community. Over the years we have increased the amount of cars electrical appliances.

Within this lesson you will consider ways to reduce your own carbon Footprint.

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Lesson Six

National legislation or requirements about Environmental Protection and recycling

It is very important for all of the world to be conscious of the importance in following national legislations and requirements when it comes to protecting the environment and recycling.

Within this lesson we will discuss National Legislations and gain a greater understanding of the importance in following these in order to protect the environment.

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