What is Go Green Salons?

We believe in eco-friendly hair care that is healthy and guilt-free. From eliminating toxic products to minimising our carbon footprint, we strive to make a difference with every little thing we do in our salons. Our Green initiative ranges from collecting hair for cancer patient wigs to recycling plastic bottles for 3D printing filaments.
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Why Go Green?

Conscious consumerism is gaining serious momentum, and we want everyone aboard.

Go Green Salon is a clean beauty initiative conceptualised by Natural Health Malta founders Diane and Trevor Cassar. Natural Health Malta is the proud winner of the Environmental Initiative Award for SMEs. We use only certified organic and cruelty-free products in our salons, and also source some of the world’s best vegan products for hair care. The clean beauty movement is not a trend anymore; it is now mainstream. We recognise it as a necessity, not a choice. From using non-toxic products to engaging in practices that reduce energy consumption, waste, and chemical use, we are taking the initiative to pave the way for every salon in Malta to go green.

We provide the necessary education, training, and certification to salons that are passionate about sustainable beauty. We offer products from vegan, organic and cruelty-free brands that will improve the image of your salon as a health-conscious and ethical hair care provider. We also collect hair for cancer patients, hair trimmings for making compost, and plastic water bottles for recycling. And, we are excited for you to share in this earth-loving philosophy that is the future of beauty.


Gain More Clients

There is a whole new generation, and rapidly growing conscientious customers choosing organic haircare and green salons. Gain their favour.

Reduce Waste

We help you recycle and repurpose hair clippings and plastic for worthy causes, so they don’t end up in landfills and waterways.

Save Energy

You will save energy and water use through green haircare solutions. Discover eco-friendly and sustainable salon practices that cost you less and the earth.
Natural Health Malta

The founders of

Go Green Salons

In a sustainable environment, relationships are made to nurture. It is exactly what Diane and Trevor Cassar achieved in 2013 when they established the Natural Health Malta, the organic salons that encourage the welfare of customers and the planet. They created salon spaces that were toxin-free and green; and serve customers vegan products, sustainable practices, and eco-friendly ethos. Natural Health Malta became the proud winner of the Environmental Initiative Award for SMEs. Their strong green-initiative is now far-reaching. The Go Green Salons is the next step in their advocacy in sustainable beauty. It reaches out to salons that want to adopt organic and clean strategies to cater to the growing number of health-conscious and eco-conscious customers. The initiative paves the way for certification of salons and education of salon owners on sustainability and clean beauty.

Our Partners

Committed to one cause

Our network of advocates in training, education, certification, and climate action, for building earth-friendly partnership and support.


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