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Best Organic Beauty Brand

How Organic Colour Systems is revolutionising beauty standards

Raoul Perfitt, Managing Director of Organic Colour Systems, talks to us about what goes into creating one of the world’s best organic, sustainable, and cruelty-free beauty brands. Organic Colour Systems is becoming the industry’s first hair colour brand to use 100% post-consumer recycled colour bottles. Their recycled and eco-friendly packaging is a notable carbon footprint…

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Seren Beauty & Cosmetics

Difference between natural and organic beauty products

‘Natural’ and ‘organic’ are alluring terms for the beauty-conscious and earth-friendly consumers. Safer, chemical-free, non-toxic beauty solutions are the fastest-growing segment within the beauty industry. However, organic and natural do not mean the same thing. So, here’s a black and white breakdown of the green facts. Natural is a broad and blurry category that has…

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